Song ideas come by living life.

So get out there and live...and write.


"Our Team is continually working on refinements and new features to keep you writing. We know writing is a skill that takes constant practice. So we are committed to creating the most beautiful and safest place to store your song projects so you can become the best writer possible. Contact us if there is anything we can do to make that truer of our application." 

David Harrison, Founder & Chief Product Officer

                      Organize your Projects like never before using Song Sets. Drag and Drop a Song tile on the set you want it to live on. 

                      Organize your Projects like never before using Song Sets. Drag and Drop a Song tile on the set you want it to live on. 


An intelligent home screen 


Each Song is represented as a tile that can be moved up and down to organize each song in the set or right to left move the song to another set. 

Quick Access 

From each song tile access the song recording or enter Performance Mode from a quick click.

Helpful Info 

Each song tile shows the songs name, capo, tempo, and song writing status. 

In App Chat Support

Chat with us at anytime if you need anything. We're here to help!




Song Sections for Focused Writing

Section Tiles

Use a pre built section types or build your own. Section Tiles are dragabble for finding the perfect arrangement and you can copy sections so you don't have to re-write the chorus.  

Custom Colored Labels

Tag your song sections with customizable tags. Each color can mean something different. i.e. Red can mean "Needs Collaboration". It's up to you!






Presision Chord Placement

Custom Keyboard

We designed a custom chord keyboard form the ground up. All major chords are there and you still have access to the standard keyboard

Drag and Drop Chords

Once the chord is selected you then drag the chord to its exact location where it ties itself to a specific letter in a lyric. 






Multiple Recordings on each song section

Recording each section separately

We found being able to record on each Section was really helpful to promote focused writing. You can now also save multiple clips on each section to help narrow down your sound.








Performance Mode

Full Screen

Full Screen Performance Mode is a great way to view your work for Practice and Performances. All Lyrics and Chords are condensed for a clean and clear view.

Master Recording

Performance Mode has its own separate recording area that will act as the Master for this project. This recording is the file that is available on the main screen for quick access.